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Services We Offer

What Benefits Do You Get

We Don't Just Clean Your Windows!

​we can also do:

  • Inside Windows

  • Guttering Clearing

  • Cladding, Soffit & Fascia 

  • Patio, Decking & Driveways

  • Solar Panels

  • Free Quotation

  • Online Account

  • Reminders Of Wash Dates

  • Fully Insured

  • Uniformed and ID To Easily Identify Staff

  • All Frames & Sills Including Doors Washed With Every Visit.

  • Smear & Streak Free

Cleaning Your Commercial Property

We can offer multiple services to your business, and we're flexible too.

Our flexibility involves working out of hours to make sure the services you require are available no matter your business.

We have many different service plans for commercial property's, with regular cleaning visits.

Traditional Window Cleaning

We offer Traditional Window Cleaning which is the best way to get the dirty windows cleaned, however this is a more time consuming & expensive option but you pay for a top quality job. Prices vary on the amount of windows your property has.

However for those hard to reach windows we offer reach & wash service.

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

This is the more modern and safer option to window cleaning, as we can clean all the hard to reach windows with ease with the large water fed poles, this service also uses pure water which is produced directly from the van using up to date water filter systems.

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