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How We Clean Solar Panels

We use clean pure water that is filtered directly from our van, this means that there are NO chemicals in the process and your solar panels will not get damaged, using the same process as we do when we clean your windows we use soft brushes to help protect the solar panels as well as being able to agitate the dirt to leave your panels with a streak free shine, leaving your panels 33% more efficient. 

Why Should You Clean Your Solar Panels

Cleaning your panels will give them more efficiency , producing more energy. Dirty panels will reduce the efficiency meaning less power. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Solar Panels

There are many factors that change this, However manufactures recommend that your solar panels should be cleaned twice a month, spring & autumn. Depending on your location, and or if you have any tress ect close to your panels, this may determine how often they need to be cleaned. 

If you notice that your windows get dusty and dirty often and have them cleaned every 4 weeks, then you may need your panels to be cleaned maybe 3-4 times a year to keep them producing the highest amount of energy.

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